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Alternative Therapist of Sports Injuries

Speed ​​training program

Specialty of Alternative Therapist of Sports Injuries

cost of participation:560€
80e rates available
  • Athens / Thessaloniki
  • 2311820295 / 2110120576

Speed training program. Possibility to get a degree after examination by the World Massage Federation

  • Specialty of Alternative Therapist of Sports Injuries
  • Duration: 14 classes
  • Hours: contact with us
  • Athens: A. Vouliagmenis 271
  • Thessaloniki: Ι. Tsalouxidi 16-20
  • Schedule: Choose city

For every new student enrolled on your recommendation at our school, you earn 80€ discount!

Specialty of Alternative Therapist of Sport Injuries

Certification of Specialty of Alternative Therapist of Sports Injuries by World W.M.F. is done after examinations that include 20 development questions as well as practical examination.

Training modules:

you will learn the following modules:

  • Cervical Kinesiology 1 class
  • Lumbar knee therapy 1 class
  • Epicondylitis 2 classes
  • Shoulder tendon 3 classes
  • Muscle spasm and cramp 1 class
  • Periodontitis 1 class
  • Sprain 1 class
  • Fracture 1 class
  • Chronic Pain and Baker Bust 1 class
  • Plantar fasciitis and acanth 1 class
  • Achilles tendon tendonitis 1 class
Practical training

All seminars include theory and practice. Students are invited, to bring a person (as model) in order to train the techniques that are taught. For better assimilation of techniques, Fitness Academy organizes a day of practice each week, where students can use the practice room to apply the techniques taught during the lesson.

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Please contact our office to confirm the dates.

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Educational material

Fitness Academy has created educational content for its students in an electronic shape that is sent to all at the end of the training.

Also, during the training seminars, all students receive forms with the techniques they apply during the course.

Terms of participation

In order to attend this training, a telephone registration must be preceded up to 2 days before section starts to make the necessary advance payment.

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    Thessaloniki / Ι. Tsalouxidi 16-20

    Athens / Λ. Vouliagmenis 271

    Chalkidiki - Larisa - Komotini

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    Thessaloniki: 2311 820 294

    Athens: 211 012 0576